SEO, SEM & SMO: Know the different types of web positioning

04 August 2021
Veruska Ortega
SEO, SEM & SMO: Know the different types of web positioning

The results of a good SEO strategy last over time, as long as you work organically without incurring penalised techniques, as they do in But did you know that there are other web positioning techniques? Today we will talk about them and which one is more convenient for your brand or website. 


SEM Positioning

Search engine marketing (SEM) is often merged with SEO, as both are about positioning a site in the top results for specific searches or keywords. The big difference is that while SEO seeks to do it organically, SEM does it through sponsored links.

This type of advertising is carried out on platforms such as Adwords and works through a real-time bidding system that establishes a Cost Per Click (CPC) depending on the Quality Score, which is nothing more than the destination page to which the link leads and the quality of the campaign that is carried out.


Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

This type of SEO is specialised in social channels such as platforms, blogs and social networks. It is very important for branding, as it is through this that you make your business known and fulfils two basic functions: 

1.  Using social media to generate web traffic and followers.

2.  Positioning your page on the most important social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Both approaches complement each other within an overall marketing strategy. The actions within SMO focus on creating content in different formats, sharing them on various channels, promoting virality and everything that increases the visibility and credibility of your brand. 


SEO, SEM & SMO Stats

Which of these web positioning techniques is the best for my project?

All these techniques complement the SEO strategy. Not for nothing is it recommended to develop a marketing strategy that combines all three techniques: SEO, SEM & SMO. In this way, you will not only make your brand known from the first moment with social channels, but you will get customers in the short term with sponsored links, and you will manage to establish a reputable and successful brand over time, counting with the first positions in search engines. 

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