Comparison between Invisalign and Aligners

09 August 2021
Amber Zia
Comparison between Invisalign and Aligners

Owing to the mammoth success of Invisalign, other competing transparent aligners have been introduced in the market available at affordable prices. However, these aligners don’t boast the same efficacy and fast treatment as Invisalign. 


Advice from the dentists


While so many patients are shown the ads of inferior, cheap, and unpopular aligners, they usually think that these aligners operate the same way as Invisalign which is hardly not the case. All the experienced and professional dentists suggest only orthodontic procedures in which a credible dentist can participate throughout the process. This is the only way the success of the treatment can be maximized. 


Predictable and correct


Invisalign is a tried and tested product that has revolutionized the orthodontist world. It also offers an extremely predictable and correct result due to the scientific 3D ClinCheck software. This software technology guarantees that all procedures are already correctly laid out in order to gain the best possible straightening solution. Lots of patients find this innovation for procedure planning very reassuring and valuable. 



Active parts


Other aligners available in the market do not boast the distinct capabilities of Invisalign. An example can be the active ingredient such as attachments. This component assists with further monitoring and controlling the outcome. 


Easy integration with other procedures


Generally, Invisalign is a product that can be easily utilized in connection with different categories of procedures to offer the most ideal possible cures for an oral condition. It is usually utilized with implant procedures either to regulate, close or make gaps in the arch. 


Comparison: Different invisible aligners and Invisalign


  1. The plastic material lacks the same strength

  2. Transparent aligners are usually not as successful as Invisalign

  3. Other aligners are usually thicker

  4. There is no participation of a dentist

  5. Invisalign transparent aligners are more discreet and less noticeable

  6. Invisalign boosts the health of the mouth and gums

  7. The progress of Invisalign treatment can be tracked easily and it showcases the movement of teeth

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